I have been reading and writing about ‘home’ for a few years now, although I have been interested in the topic for a long time.  Here I am sharing the research and presentation papers so far.

The first, Returning Home: An Integral Research Study of Professional Women’s Transition to Retirement, is the research paper I did in 2010 as part of my integral study.  It is a bit academic as I was required to examine my topic of home from at least 6 different methodological perspectives correlating with integral theory.  However, it’s a helpful way to see many different angles on home.  I used a group of women as my research sample and focused in this paper on women coming into their late career stage and contemplating what’s next.

My interest in the research results from this first study led me to set up this website and start blogging about home.  As a way to continue my research, I made a presentation at the Integral Theory Conference in 2013 and chose ‘home’ as my topic.  This is the paper I submitted, Home: A Planetary Perspective .  I wanted not only to see home from an integral perspective,  that is as self, culture and nature, but I also wanted to expand our view of home to the planetary level where I feel we must move if we are to survive our current global crises.

Please feel free to comment below on how you find these papers.  You are also free to reference them as long as you cite this source.  Thanks for doing that!

I hope to continue the research on home through the questionnaire on this site.  Please complete it before you go to contribute to our understanding of home.

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